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Prices subject to change

 New gen. upside-down front fork kit.

This is the latest version of the forks used on the custom special. The damping characterisitcs and  ride quality are superb, a perfect match for a CT70/Dax with an adult rider.

Available in silver, silver-blue and dark brown (shown). 540mm (Z50/Monkey) and 600mm (CT70/ST70/Dax). Dark Brown available in 600mm only. Includes steering stem & trees, disc brake caliper bracket.








 Front disc brake kit


OEM Honda Nissin twin piston caliper & 220 mm disc, includes master cylinder, lever, flex line. Has integral brake light switch. This is the brake setup we're running on both the shop bike and custom special. It's the largest brake that can be used with a 10-inch wheel.  The stopping power is nothing short of amazing, even when riding two-up.



 Front & rear disc brake hub


Fits Kitaco or Takegawa 10" wheel. Front fits upsidedown fork kit and disc brake listed above.  Rear fits 3-bolt Z50/monkey sprockets. Specify front or rear hub.




Rear disc brake kit.

OEM Honda Nissin,

includes disc, caliper, master cylinder & flex line.


Caliper mounting bracket





 CT70/Dax front hub disc brake conversion

Allows retention of original CT70/Dax hub & wheel (or compatible aftermarket wheel) and speedo drive. With this conversion, you don't have to replace both wheels, hubs and your OE speedo drive, saving you a bundle overall. Very cost -effective solution for top-quality disc brake conversion. This is the kit we developed for both the shop bike and the custom special.




 Adjustable rear shocks

Feature infinitely adjustable height & preload

Available in 280mm (Monkey, Z50) and 320mm (CT70, ST50, ST70, Dax)


 Stainless/aluminum exhaust

Dual-diameter (32/38mm) stainless pipe, aluminum muffler. For CT70, ST70, Dax, XR, CRF   (CT70/ST70/Dax pipe shown)


Stainless muffler ...$109


 Stainless/aluminum exhaust

 Dual-diameter (32/38mm) stainless pipe, aluminum muffler. Z50 model


Stainless muffler ...$109

 New Keihin Carburetors



24mm rubber insulator...$39

24/28mm intake rubber with adjustable aluminum  base...available soon


 Oil Cooler kit

Kits may vary  from photos. Different kits are available.


fits Honda Nice/Wave engines


 Honda Nice/Wave Chrome engine covers





 Honda Nice Tail light unit

With integrated turn signals, license plate light & stub harness w/mod .plug. 12V


 Honda Nice Headlight Cowl

With integral turn signals, 30W/30W halogen headlight, 12V



 Stainless steel hardware kits:

Engine kit - Allen head


Note: now includes intake-to-head & cylinder tab bolts (not shown)

 engine hardware.png

 Wheel Kit - Hex head


Polished bolt heads ...  $36.99 

 Includes: 8 wheel hub bolts, nuts & lockwashers, 8 wheel half bolts, nuts, flat washers & lockwashers 

Body kit - Hex head

Includes bolts, nuts, washers & lockwashers, as per original:

  • Engine guard
  • Footrest-to-engine
  • Seat hinge
  • Tank bracket
  • Battery box
  • Seat latch
  • Front & rear fenders 
  • Headlight mounts
  • Tail light bracket
  • Chain guard-to-frame
  • Shock absorber acorn nuts (available in polished chrome only) 
  • Brake arm lock bolts
  • Rear brake stay nuts & washers
  • Wheel kit


With polished bolt heads


ss body bolt kit.png

 Other types of specialty fasteners available by special orders, price & availability on request 

Flat head Allen, Hex head, button head Allen,  12 point flange. Stainless steel, polished stainless and polished chrome finishes available for many sizes & types

july 14 200600011.png

 G-Craft CT70 swingarm

Lighter & stronger than OEM with approximately .625" added width, to allow use of wide tires. Beautifully crafted, functional jewelry for your bike. Available in standard length (shown), +6cm & +10cm ... $675.00

Also available braced (not shown)...add $100

 Heavy Duty Drive chain

Gold-colored links, hot-dip paraffin lubed (the next best thing to O-rings & doesn't attract dirt) This is the most durable #420 chain made. A must for any performance or large-displacment engine if you don't want to wear through chains & sprockets like cheap socks.

Genuine Iris #420, cut to fit (specify # of links)...$39.95   Connecting links...$3.50


Special Offer:

FKW chain, same as above but $27.99

iris chain.png 



High-quality, hardened steel, for long life. Hard-to-find sizes, too.


15.16,17 teeth...$11.95

18 teeth...$19.95

CT70/Dax rear wheel

29, 31,32,33,34 teeth...$25.95

28 teeth...$32.95  ( Note: 28 & 29 require machining a shallow shoulder into the hub for chain clearance )

45 teeth $32.95

Oil Dipstick Thermometer

Liquid-filled, long style for Honda Nice & new gen copies.


dipstick therm.png




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