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Honda also produced the Dax for the European market. This took longer because of differing laws and regulations for road vehicles in different countries. The First European Daxes were sold in 1970 and carried the K1 designation. In Europe, the Dax sold in two versions. Besides the ST70, there was also a model called the ST50 with a 50cc engine. This was because in many European countries the ST50 is considered a moped and the ST70 a motorcycle. One must be 18 years of age and licensed to legally ride a motorcycle in most EU countries. There are a number of small differences between the Daxes depending upon the market for which they were intended. Tail lights, turn signals, headlights, mirrors etc. are mostly the same, but the biggest differences involve the German types ST50 and ST70. The German type was equipped with the type one "ducktail" fenders but in combination with an upswept muffler, larger headlight and a square shaped speedometer. The turn signals on the ST70 version were placed further away from the body and it was equipped with a chrome luggage rack. The taillight was round and colored half orange/ half red. The special 50cc version was marked as ST50G (Germany)


In addition to the normal production models of the ST70, Honda also produced a special edition called the White Dax. Also known as Lady Dax. It was painted in ceramic white and had white/black/green decals and a special seat with green top with printed flower pattern. Today, these are a rare find.


In 1972 Honda stopped selling the Type 1 and only sold Daxes with an upswept muffler and chrome fenders except for Germany where they kept the "ducktail” fenders. That same year the K2 model was introduced. Due to new regulations, this version was limited to a speed of 45km/h (28mph) it had a governed flywheel, smaller carburetor, smaller intake and milder cam.


A footnote in 1972 was the ST90, the big brother of the CT70 and ST70, which was also called "Mighty Dax" The ST90 was equipped with a  90cc engine similar to that found in the CT90 model. It was a larger, heavier engine with a beefier transmission and clutch. The frame was similar in design and construction to the CT70 and ST70 models but was larger. It had 14" wheels and was only sold in the US. Sadly, it didn't last long and after 3 years Honda produced the last ST90.






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