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It was back in 1961 that a curious miniature motorcycle was seen putting around Honda's Tama Tech park in Japan and  at the Suzuka circuit. One of the most popular rides in the park was the Z100, a cute little mini bike which was loved by many kids. The Z100 sported a red frame under a white gas tank, tiny 5-inch wheels and a 50cc engine. Riders were said to appear, of all things, simian, and henceforth the motorcycle came to be known as the Honda Monkey. Looking more like a toy than a motorcycle, the compactness and fresh appearance of the Monkey scored high with fans of all ages. Due to its success, Honda revamped the Z100 park version for use on public roads, and brought out the CZ100 model, which began to be exported, in limited numbers, in 1963. The engine was from the Super Cub C100, the tank and the seat were taken from the sport Cub C111. Until 1966 there were only minor modifications to this bike. In 1967 the CZ100 was revamped and had  its name changed to Honda Z50M. The Z50M was the first model to be marketed in Japan. The Monkey could be easily stowed on a car, truck or mobile home, or even aboard a boat. The Monkey Z50M featured fold-down handlebars and a retracting seat. This version was also the first one equipped with the newer Cub engine with the overhead cam.


In 1969 Honda launched the Honda Z50Z, the Japanese version of the common A series, which were sold in the Unites States and Europe. The Z version sold only in Japan, had a removable front fork for easier transportation and lighting for street use. The A series, also launched in 1969, was called the "Mini Trail" in the US and "Monkey" in the rest of the world. The first US series, also known as the K0 model, was produced for the off-road market only and not equipped with a lighting system. There were some slight differences in the  following series between the U.S. and European versions like a bigger headlight and turn signals on the "Monkey" version. Each new version had a K designation. Honda did this almost every year with the monkey and mini trail. The K0 was followed up by the K1, K2, K3 etc. Because the Z50A series bikes for the US market in 1970 were street legal, Honda also produced the QA50. This model was specially designed for off-road use because of the lack of lighting. It also had its own unique engine. The QA50 was only built for 5 years until the K3 version in 1975.


In the US the Minitrail was still sold as the Z50A and this version continued until the K6, while the monkey was changed from Z50A K3 into Z50J in 1973. Almost every year Honda launched a new series of the Z50J with 3 different models, mostly with different colors and decals. Besides the Monkey versions Z50J-I and Z50J-II, Honda also launched the Z50J-III with a larger fuel tank and 4 speed manual clutch engine, also called the Gorilla. Honda produced the monkey in quantity, with minor modifications, until 1999.  The Monkey is still produced every year in small numbers for special editions to keep up tradition for collectors and monkey maniacs. Most are not available in the U.S.











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