From it's 1969 debut the Honda CT70 was incredibly popular. Packed on the back of RV's or zooming down forest trails the little trail bike was fun for kids and adults alike. Today, it is enjoying renewed interest and are being scooped up at a frenetic pace and being restored and ridden. Five to eight years ago you could buy them for $200 to $300 a pop. Now, it is not unusual to see beater CT70's going for $500 to $600 and the restored or original models going for $3500 plus. Outside the USA, the CT70 and its cousin the ST70 Dax, are being modified with modern suspensions, hydraulic disc brakes and high-output engines up to 196cc. Supported by a bevy of OEM & aftermarket performance and appearance items from numerous suppliers, tuners and custom builders, the bikes are now used as daily transportation, recreational rides and raced. Europe and Asia discovered the the CT70's hidden potential as a fine road/offroad machine. Now, with better than half a decade's worth of development the USA scene is poised to catch-up, with the benefits of now tried-and-true modern tech. This site was created to usher the venerable CT70 into the 21st century. We welcome the beginning and seasoned enthusiast. Whether you are interested in concourse restoration, state-of-the-art performance, a pit bike or something in-between...from mild to wild... we've got you covered! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back often as this site is developed.

Have a picture of your bike in digital format? Soon you will be able to visit the Photo Gallery and show it to the world. For now, the Community board is off-line, but will return if there is sufficient interest. We've put up a Parts page but there is nothing there yet. In the future we will be offering OEM as well as aftermarket parts for sale, plus restoration and customization services. If you are looking for other online sources of information about CT70's or parts availability please visit our Links page or to identify your bike visit the History page.

This site is being completely redesigned. Look for our new layout and one-of-a-kind approach to our favorite bike. If you have any questions or comments, e-mail us:

::  26 June 2005
The all-new site will be launched VERY soon. Between the labor-intensive process of developing site content from scratch and the busiest winter/spring season we\'ve yet experienced, bringing the new site to completion has been a slow, tortuous process. However, recognizing the huge gap about to be left in the wake of a manistay site\'s departure, we have decided to \"go live\" prior to completion of the new site. We concentrated on the informational content first, so you will have reference material available from the start. New & used items for sale and photo galleries will be added on an ongoing basis, so be sure to check back often. Your bike photos and build details will be welcome. We welcome your questions, photos, comments and suggestions Send your ideas/requests to: See you soon:)

::  7 February 2005

::  7 February 2005

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